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Black hole creeper
Species Black hole creepers / Wake gliders
         A. Subspecies
         A. Height/Length 30 feet in length
              1.  Demorphism? no
         B. Weight 2000lbs
              1.  Demorphism? no
         C. Anatomy
              1. Head
                   *a. shape Blunt, streamlined.
                   *b. size 5 feet
                   *c. nose n/a
                   *d. eyes 1 set of large eyes and two sets of small eyes one set being on the tip of it's snout where it's nostrils should be.
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The Bard Returns Pt 1
The hour was early when the strangled scream echoed out into the hallway, disturbing none in the hours before the dawn. Inside her room, Caigamerranne Whitewood, the 31st in a long line of incarnations, sat up in her bed, sweat beaded on her forehead, running down the bridge of her nose, and causing the thin shift she used as a night dress to cling to her body as her chest heaved. Frantically, to ground herself, she looked around the room, running through the process she had learned early in life and now, it seemed, used every other night or so.
One, something you can touch.
Her fingers gripped onto the worn but warm knitted blanket, brought with her from home when she took position at the Delainian College of History, not as a student or a teacher, but as something else entirely.
Two, something you can taste.
The lingering taste on her lips of the small dinner she had taken up with her to her room, a runnybabbit steak, greens and a spoonful of what had seemed to be potatoes, but prove
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Quest to complete the collection pt 2
"Good." Damien replied simply, finding the correct key, and slipping it into the lock. "Off to Atreyu we go." He pushed the door open and stepped through. Through the door was a long hallway similar to that which they had come down already. in this hallway however lanterns with red tinted glass lining the stone walls were the only light. the hallway smelled of cinnamon sandalwood and lamp oil. He ushered Aine and Vonil through the door then closed and locked it behind him. Damien replaced the key ring upon his belt patting it before moving off down the hall. Music and voices could be heard from the other end where the hallways opened out into Damien's "office".
In The Atreyian Cinder's Glow Damien had not seen fit to close off his "office" with glass as he had done in most of the other planes and worlds. Instead he had the wall built as though it were a window, to match his other locations, and instead enacted a spell of silence when need be. Each Cinder's Glow location looked the same
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Quest to complete the collection 1
Damien mused a moment at the nondescript wooden door at the back of the main hall in the Cinder's Glow. This was the door through which Damien gained access to infinite worlds and and planes of existence. He was on a collecting trip and with his current company this was possibly going to be a difficult trip. He eyed Aine and Vonil wondering what might be going through their heads right now. This was the first time since being captured that the two of them would be setting foot back on Atreyian soil. By that worlds time it would be a full millennium. Damien wasn't as worried about someone taking them as he was worried about their possible attempt to escape.
By now any who might be searching for them should be dead save for the reason he was taking them back. The other Elf. If what he'd gotten from Aine was true, the very last Sidhe in existence, aside of Aine, was still there in Atreyu just waiting to be plucked up. Damien couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. He would just need Ai
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Caigeglow by Sethian-Motzart Caigeglow :iconsethian-motzart:Sethian-Motzart 4 2
The beast awakens.
            The dreams are always the same in a never ending loop of those last 15 years and they always end the same. The aged figure of Bahamut standing cockily on the Rift mountain's rim, arms crossed and wing sets half furled. He glares down at Darksky through aged and hateful eyes. His once bright platinum scales dulled to the color of badly tarnished silver and riddled with scars of past battles.
            "It is time for you to return to your prison vile beast!" Darksky hears him bellow from his place by the base of the waterfall Caige sitting near by. 
            "I am harming no one!" He roars back, "Leave me in peace King of the Draco I wish no ill of you!"
            "Do you think I was hatched yesterday dark prince! Your lies will have no sway here"
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Character profile sheet
Preferred name:
Birth date:
Physical Description
Appeared age:
Skin type (plus description): (Example: skin, scales, fur, feathers? Style/Tone/Color):
Hair type and color:
Hair style: (long short? product? Natural/ Dyed etc)
Eye color and description: (shape, length of lashes, etc)
Other eye facts: (type of sight, good or bad sight, glasses or contacts?)
Height/weight/body build:
Blood type:
General smell:
Voice type:
General mannerisms: (sitting, standing, walk, Sleeping pattern, Sleeping position, etc)
Distinguishing marks or unusual characteristics:
Piercings or tattoos:
Self care: (make up, cleanliness/neatness, etc)
Over all Physical health:
Gender Identity:
Sexual Orientation:
Preferred age:
Speech: (Speak quickly, loudly, softly, only when spoken to? All the time?)
Intelligence (can be listed in D&D
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Zoe the Lai by Sethian-Motzart Zoe the Lai :iconsethian-motzart:Sethian-Motzart 4 0 Escareth Sarait's Drake by Sethian-Motzart Escareth Sarait's Drake :iconsethian-motzart:Sethian-Motzart 1 0 Jadewing by Sethian-Motzart Jadewing :iconsethian-motzart:Sethian-Motzart 1 2
5 book titles
1. The great hunt
  The great hunt seems pretty straight forward to me. Even though it is a thick book the title bespeaks a short story. So I’ll write this as though it were that, a short story. The great hunt could simply be about several characters  adventure in the form of a manhunt as the cover seems to convey. So it would possibly start out with the characters being given the quest whether through need (someone has been murdered) or commissioned for the quest. They follow the trail of this one they are hunting and in the end catch him only to find that he is only part of a bigger plot that they didn’t even know about.
2. Black widow bride
Simply put this woman had gone through man after man. They all seem to die of natural causes. All the neighbors and everyone who knows her though think she did it, though her personality doesn’t strike as the murderous type. As it turns out however she hasn’t been murdering them they’ve all been murdered by
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FireScore Krux's Scarlett Drake by Sethian-Motzart FireScore Krux's Scarlett Drake :iconsethian-motzart:Sethian-Motzart 2 0 Krux by Sethian-Motzart Krux :iconsethian-motzart:Sethian-Motzart 0 0
Draconidae Wyris
           Wyris are a species of Draco that are well known for their hive activity. found in many climes and habitats they are easily adaptable and sought after by humanoids as mounts. Wyris range in size by rank, Each rank having their own names, from 19-43 meters with males of each rank group usually being the smaller. Each rank group has their own names for males and females. the only exception is the Ofucrai which are the highest ranking group. Under the Ofucrai are the Coxreo females and the Creox males. the middle ranking group are the Kriwun females and Kuwog males. Next are the Breweosh females and the Madrux males. The lowest ranking group are the Lai females and the Seon males.
           These beautiful creatures can be described as having features of a draft horse and a Hadrosaurid. Their heads are long and lean with dished nostrils, long ears, and large pupiless eyes. Their necks are gene
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Interview With Akira Part 2
Me: Alright now that we're back Lets get to Physical Description. So you're 17 but how old do you appear?
Akira: oh 14 definitely. that way I can always look younger than I am. for a while into adulthood people will make negative assumtions about me, but after that they start asking what my secret is to looking so young. *laughs*
Me: What is your race and or species.
Akira: well race is Japanese, but species? you mean not just the beastie creatures, but the fantasy beings as well exist here?
Me: well yeah. can't have one without the other y'know.
Akira: well species sounds a bit primitive for  fantasy beings. How about supernatural race? And I think I would like to be Reaper born.
Me: Reaper born? Alright may I ask why?
Akira: Beausiris' obsession with paperwork. Think about it. Reapers are the ultimate record keepers.
Me: Fair enough. *chuckle* then we can assume your skin type and what it's like so what is your skin tone.
Akira: middling not quite fair, but not quite darker
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Interview with Akira Pt. 1
Me: *lounging on a chase in the corner of Akira's office* Akira do you ever regret your creation?
AKira: A little sometimes. *sitting at her desk tapping away at the keys of her computer filling int he character records.* After all I was created based completely of the picture of a character in a game with a story that started out as a copy of a movie with dragons added. It does make you feel rather insignificant and.... not your own person. like you don't really belong.
Me: Do you think you can grow into your own with some work. *sitting up 
Akira: Yes of course. If you’ll help me to.
Me: Well then What do you want your full name to be?
Akira: Akira Takagowa
Me: *chuckle* we don’t know any meanings to that do we?
Akira: Not a damn thing for Takagowa, but Akira means Bright boy
Me: hehe alright then.. how do you pronounce your name?
Akira: Pretty much as it is spelled. There are general nuances within the Japanese language that would give the name a certain sound
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Species Black hole creepers / Wake gliders
         A. Subspecies
         A. Height/Length 30 feet in length
              1.  Demorphism? no
         B. Weight 2000lbs
              1.  Demorphism? no
         C. Anatomy
              1. Head
                   *a. shape Blunt, streamlined.
                   *b. size 5 feet
                   *c. nose n/a
                   *d. eyes 1 set of large eyes and two sets of small eyes one set being on the tip of it's snout where it's nostrils should be.
                   *e. ears: no ears, but does have resepters down it's that pick up vibrations.
                   *f. mouth The maw makes up most of it's head. Massive teeth.
                   *g. Other features Hard ridges above eyes each having a biolumenescent spot in them.
              2. Neck
                   *a. Size 8 feet
                   *b. Shape Thick though mobile
                   *c. Other features
              3. Torso/abdomen
                   *a Size  15 feet long
                   *b Shape streamlined
                   *c Build Firm and light
                   *d Other features large hard ridges down the back with biolumanescent spots
              4. Arms/legs
                   *a. Size 5 foot long
                   *b. Shape shaped much like a mix between a dragon wing and a fish fin
                   *c. Digits no digits.
                   *d. Claws no claws
                   *e. Other features biolumanescent membranes on each fin.
              5. Wings: no wings
                   *a. Size
                   *b. Shape
                   *c. Other features
              6. Tail
                   *a. Size 2 feet
                   *b. Shape streamlined
                   *c. Other features fin at the end with bio luminescent membrane
              7. Flesh
                   *a. Type Thick heavy Armor covers them. In the neck area and joint areas the armor is softer to allow flexibility for movement.
                   *b. Coloration
                        * Main: Color are shades of black. Can range from a infinitely deep black hole black to a deep charcoal grey.
                        * Accent Colors The biolumenescent spots can range in color depending on the individual.
                        * Demorphism certain bio lumanescent colors denote gender of the individual.
              8. Genetals: No actual Genetalia.
                   *a. Male
                   *b. Female
              9. Internal
                   *a. Dentition 2 rows of sharp teeth rim the front of the mouth. 2 sets of crushing molars fill the back half.
                   *b. Saliva no saliva
                   *c. Digestive Digestive tract is simple. Similar to the digestive system of an Earth worm. From the mouth the esophogas directs food into the Crop fromthere it will pass into the gizzard and to the intestines.
                   *d. Lungs No lungs. They do have gils that allow them to 'breathe' in any environment.
                   *e. Circulatory
                   *f. Nervous
                   *g. Skeletal Bone density depends on where the creature hatched. Those who hatch planet side usually adapt  to wherever they've hatched. Those hatched in space are less dense.
                   *h. Special The bio lumanescent patches are magnetic recepteors that give the beast it's ability to move in space as well as on any planet they might happen to wind up on. they also give it the ability to live in black holes.
         A. Abilities
              1. Intelligence: Depends on birth host.
              3. Special: can mentally link with an intelligent birth host. they will share thoughts and emotions with one another communicating that way.
         B. Communication
              1.Body language Some body language. Flipping of fins or tail. snapping of jaws.
              2. Vocalizations: none
         C. Social
              1. Organization
                   *a. Single Common
                   *b. Pair Only during mating
                   *c. group (include what a group of them is called) Never
              2. Hierarchy N/A
         D. Territorial behaviors: Keep no territories
              1. Territory size
              2. Territory markers
              3. Territory Defense
         E. Denning and sheltering N/a
              1. Type
              2. Size
         F. Activity: No set cycle
         G. Other
         A. Type: omnivore  
              1. Common food items Anything and everything
              2. Uncommon items
         B. Feeding/hunting methods Simply coast along and snatch up anything that catches it's fancy.
         A. Season: Only mate once in life
         B. Mating habits: When they develope the urge to mate (anywhere from 30-70 years for a true creeper) the bioluminescent spots will start to give off the signal that they are ready. Another creeper will answer the call if they themselves are feeling the same urge. A creeper can live in this state for many years before actually finding a mate. Once they do the pair bind together. The pair will lock mouths and the larger individual will literally peel the outer layer of scales fromt he smaller thus workign its way under the smaller individuals skin so to speak. The smaller individual is essentially swallowed whole by their mate. as the larger individual works under their mate's skin the skin starts to meld into the larger creepers own skin causing them to grow in size as they are swallowing their mate. This process can take weeks and when it is finished the pair have comepletely become one. Their have joined completely down to a genetic level. Once this happens eggs begin to develope under the scales. These can take upwards of another few weeks to develop. as they develop the eggs take everything from their parents and when they are fully developed the Creeper pair is nothing but a nearly empty shell. The only thing left is a ball of matter that is the result of the Magnetic conductors pulling to the center of the shell. This magnet started to spin the shell a week after the eggs began to develop and as time goes by it reacts with the eggs to cause the shell to spin faster until the shell spins apart ejecting the scales out into the universe.
     One pair of creepers can create up to 1 billion eggs which have a general rate of survival/failure.
30% Will be destroyed in their initial ejection
20% hatch out, before their egg is destroyed, on whatever planet or star their egg happened to land on, and thus they will adapt and evolve to live there as another species altogether untainted by interference of other living creatures.
40% will float in space until some catastrophe that would destroy their egg threatens them they will hatch and escape the danger to the best fo their ability. 50% of these individuals do not survive
10% are a special bunch. They hatch through the outside interference of another creature.

These individuals adapt to whatever surroundings they are in and usually bond to the interferer by slipping under their skin much like their parents did together. They do not become one mind and body like the parents did, but instead form a symbiosis with the host. They also have the ability to leave the hosts body at any time without harming them. Once they do however they are no longer true creepers, but a hybrid creature and the host becomes a hybrid creature (or race depending on the interferer) as well. The new hybrid gains the ability to breed freely amongst their hosts species/race as though they were a normal individual of the race/species. though they can mate and produce some fertile offspring this way every individual eventually will develope the basic need to breed of true creepers and the final breeding will be with the Host hybrid. it will take place just as true creepers mating, but when the shell ejects the scales those eggs have a lesser chance of survival. Those that do survive and hatch will hatch out an even mix of hybrids like their parents. these hatchlings only have around a 37% fertility rate, but further generations may be more or less fertile. Hybrids will usually mature along the lines of their non creeper lineage.
         C. reproduction
              6. Other
                   *a. Gestation:
                   *b. Birth
                   *c. Growth
                   *d. Maturity
         D. LifeSpan: The lifespan of a blackhole creeper is variable. very few true creeper specemins have been studied due to such a small amount of them coming into scientists hands. The few that do are usually those who have evolved themselves to suit the environment they came to live in. The rest are simply too elusive. Hybrids tend to live as long as whatever species/race makes up their non creeper lineage.
         A. Evolution: The creeper is the original species in its line of evolution.
         B. Enemies and competitors: Black hole creepers seem to have no enemies once they reach adulthood and competiters are unheard of since the creepers will eat anything that comes across their paths.
         C. Allies Creepers in general are oblivious to any other living creatures. The only ones who seem to build actual relationships are those hybrids who bonded with another creature at birth.
         D. Domestication there is no domesticating a creeper. even those who bond with an intelligent being are not truly 'domesticated'.
         A. Home World: N/A
         B. Home range Most commonly creepers live int he deep reaches of space.
Black hole creeper
Stash Date Jun 30, 2015, 12:27:31 AM

Can't believe this draft has been sitting here for almost 2 years now. Well here goes! the first draft of the blackhole creeper!



This creature is the original creation of Ashley "Sethian-Motzart" Dirk please do not use without permission!
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1.  VoS Territory Tasks: Step Carefully by Mehetabel  HARPG Outlaw Trail- Ananias and Starstruck by Mehetabel    OMD-Jerusha-C4 by Mehetabel
2.  Venom nail art by Arachnide-pool  Tails by Arachnide-pool  Rainbow Dash by Arachnide-pool
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