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Meaningful by SavedArt

This is the first critique I've ever did, but for some reason I felt it was worth doing. Impact. You made one. Definitely. It might not...


Me: Alright now that we're back Lets get to Physical Description. So you're 17 but how old do you appear?

Akira: oh 14 definitely. that way I can always look younger than I am. for a while into adulthood people will make negative assumtions about me, but after that they start asking what my secret is to looking so young. *laughs*

Me: What is your race and or species.

Akira: well race is Japanese, but species? you mean not just the beastie creatures, but the fantasy beings as well exist here?

Me: well yeah. can't have one without the other y'know.

Akira: well species sounds a bit primitive for  fantasy beings. How about supernatural race? And I think I would like to be Reaper born.

Me: Reaper born? Alright may I ask why?

Akira: Beausiris' obsession with paperwork. Think about it. Reapers are the ultimate record keepers.

Me: Fair enough. *chuckle* then we can assume your skin type and what it's like so what is your skin tone.

Akira: middling not quite fair, but not quite darker

Me: and you have hair or do you want to shave it off. *grins*

Akira: I won't shave it off, but I will keep it short. Short and straight and not too thick. And I want it Black.

Me: okay eyes.

Akira: Well Hazel. I like that idea. nothing strange about them just hazel with typical shape and eyelash length.

Me: and your sight?

Akira: about typical. I've got to have good sight in order to do my job. Though that doesn't stop me from picking out cool frames. They make me look more intellectual.

Me: didn't think you'd care about that kind of thing...

Akira: Looking young makes people take you less seriously. Shiest, Griggs, and a few other particular characters here didn't take me all that seriously until I put on the glasses. Though I have to take them off when working with Damien. That perv tries hitting on me.

Me: That Demon will hit on anything with a pulse as young as 8, it's not surprising. alright.. so Any other distinguishing marks?

Akira: Nothing yet.... wait.. birthmark. On the sides of my head. From use of forceps when I was born. Each spot is discolored

Me: Interesting. I wonder if that counts with the lore about birthmarks being how you were killed in a past life. 

Akira: I don't know... what kind of death would cause marks like that?

Me: We'll have to research that. do you believe in reincarnation?

Akira: not involved with my appearance, but yes. I also believe that imaginary friends are spirits who have not yet moved on to a new life, but still wish to be useful and so guide or keep children company. However we'll hit that subject in the personality section shall we?

Me: Sure. Height, Weight, and body build.

Akira: 5'4" 125lbs. I'm built skinny, but strong. I mean after all I work out regularly and practice martial arts. I'm a B cup, but I bind so that I can keep an androgynous appearance.

Me: okay what about Piercings or tatoos?

Akira: even though I'm a minor yes. I have a set of gauges. Not those ridiculous tea saucer sized ones just some small ones. About 6mm. I've got a Labret set that I believe is called Dolphin bites.

Me: any personal meaning behind them?

Akira: Well The dolphin bites were a 17th birthday present. Got them because hey I'm a fan of Disturbed. They can still exist in this alternate world right?

Me: well... I don't see why not. I mean certain things in history may have changed with the presence of fantasy creatures. I think we'd be a few years behind on some advancements due to humans having to fend off more dangerous predators than we have now, but a few dangerous critters wouldn't stop a few bands forming. Okay so lets move on. Are there any other unusual characteristics about you?

Akira: I'm left handed, my ears slightly point, my eyes glow in the dark like an animals.

Me: Okay Blood type.

Akira: Reapers have blood types?

Me: Reaper born children do. Your reaper parents would be retired and thus have taken human forms, but retained their own reaper genetics. How else do you think reapers are made?

Akira: I don't know I supposed they were chosen from people passed on.

Me: well yes technically. New reapers are chosen from those who die with reaper blood in their lineage. Cornelius Rosenkrantz got in on a 7 generation old connection on his mother's side. anyways, since they take on human forms when they retire they develop human blood types.

Akira: okay what about the Jelical cats then?

Me: we're getting off subject, but they are the spirits of reapers who were killed on the job and have not chosen to reincarnate yet. They don't retain their reaper genetics when they reincarnate though. Blood type!

Akira: ah... ah... AB negative?

Me: Thank you! We will have a nice long talk about reapers later on. Do you have any special abilities or powers?

Akira: Jelicals. I talk to Jelicals. I can also see on duty Reapers whether they want me to or not. I can see whose number is up and I can read a reapers book.

Me: well that all seems pretty sound to me. Your over all health?

Akira: I'm in good health. I get the typical cold or flu every now and then, but nothing a few days of rest and  some of my father's old remedies can't cure. no under lying issues unless you decide to slap me with something just to throw a wrench in my cogs.

Me: hmmm who knows maybe. We'll see what my inspiration decides. What do you smell like and what is your voice like.

Akira: smell like? uhm... leather. Leather and paper. Old books paper not fresh computer paper. The leather's got a bit of a spice to it. nut meg and olive oil to be exact. and my voice.... never thought of that before... you know what. okay... somewhere between Coleen clinkenbeard and Caitlen glass

Me: uhm.. characters please. My wife does that to me all the time then I end up having to look them up. The readers might not necessarily know off hand either.

Akira: Hima nohara/Riza Hawkeye and Winry/ Miss Anderson.

Me: does everyone who voices Shin Chan voice full metal or somethng?

Akira: just abouts.

Me: alright Give me some of your mannerisms.

Akira: I don't slouch, is kind of hurts to.

Me: I thought your health was good?

Akira: just because it kind of hurts to sit like a lazy bum doesn't mean my back is damaged.

Me: hey! I resemble that remark....

Akira:  I usually have a relaxed stance. I don't feel the need to fidget or lean against an object unless I have been standing for a long period. I walk with confidence again no slouching. not like I think I'm better than anyone else, but that Iknow what I'm doing and know what I want. I tend towards a set sleep pattern. ingrained in me at a young age. 5am each morning I am up though I am slow to get going. it's not that I am lazy just... a night owl. I have a hard time sleeping and so I work late. and when I do sleep then well I'm a star fish sleeper or a captain morgan.

Me: alright. To the reader who is unfamiliar with the captain morgan sleep position, translate his one leg up position on the bottle into a sleep position.

Akira: I might make a suggestion. Sleeping pattern and position might be better suited in personality. Thats something to make a note of in the interview description.

Me: Noted. What does your face say about your personality.

Akira: nothing. When people look at me they will see what they think is a 14 year old kid and they will make their own assumptions even if I had my personality tattooed on my face.

Me: and what is your default expression?

Akira: I've been told I always have a smirk on my face. kind of like I'm looking at a younger sibling that I'm guiding and we've jsut had one of those heart felt moments you see int he movies.

Me: chick flick face then.

Akira: better than your resting bitch face.

Me: Touche. What is your self care like?

Akira: I like to be regular clean. like taking a bath every other day or whenever I've had a particularly messy day working with my parents. I like my hair cropped short because that keeps it's maintenance low. I don't do the whole makeup thing. It's a mask and anyone who wears it thinks they aren't pretty. And if they argue it it just shows more vividly their insecurity. my clothes aren't always the neatest either but hey I'm 17 I'm not expected to dress to impress anyways.

Me: and finally what is a comfortable Temperature for you?

Akira: I do not like too much heat. the range of 60s to mid 70s is perfect for me. It feels funny to be ending out this way.

Me: it's not over we've still got the  personality/personal and General history parts.

Akira: Not what I meant. more like it feels like Temperature was a funny thing of end on. like there should be more. we might have to work on that.

Me: yeah I get what you're saying. Well for now, This has been Part two of Akira's interview. Stay tuned for part 3 the most detailed part of the interview.
Interview With Akira Part 2
Part 2 of Akira's interview. you can see I like to really get into in with my characters as it helps me to write them better. it's like having an imaginary friend that people don't look at me crazy for having.

Here is part 1 of Akira's interview.

Here is the link to the Character interview sheet so you can interview your own characters. have fun!

The character Akira Takagowa is the original creation of Ashley "Sethian-Motzart" Dirk 

:iconmyartismine: :iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz:
Ever wonder what your character does when you stop writing for the day? Ever wonder what they would have to say to you about the hell you put them through? ever wonder what your characters reaction would be to meeting the character of another writer? Well here is where you can see. Come along one and all and invite your friends. hell invite your enemies. Hell invite any writer who is curious!

It's nothing much right now. Just something to jump start my reconnection with an old friend. Though As I have time I may well add more.

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